Tanks, Technological tanks, cisterns, reservoirs and devices for storage, processing and maturation of liquid products as e.g.:

  • milk,
  • beer,
  • wine,
  • water and drinks,
  • alcohol drinks,
  • concentrates,
  • oil, fats,
  • ferment,
  • curd,
  • chocolate paste, yoghurt, ketchup, mayonnaise.

Tanks are produced from stainless steel AISI 304; AISI 316L; AISI 316Ti. The tanks are of high quality and in compliance with standards and requirements of the European Union.

Devices are produced applying modern, high-efficiency stainless steel processing technologies. In production there are used materials produced in Europe securing high quality of products and reliability.  A special way of processing of internal and external seams is in compliance with the highest sanitary requirements, and it allows using tank devices in different branches of food industry. We can fully collect tanks: reference measuring devices, mixing devices, hatches, liquid level measuring devices, rinsing systems, manometers, thermometers, safety and vacuum valves, pumps, thermal insulation and other equipment.


Boilers for manufacturing process (fermentation) – for production of curd, cheese

We offer not only acid-resistant tanks designed for storage of liquid foodstuffs, but also many different technological tanks for usage in fermentation processes in milk processing industry and production of yoghurts, kefir, sour cream, homogenized cheese, etc. and whey acidity reduction.


Fermentation tanks

  • Fermentation tanks have three coatings – with insulation layer and heating – cooling coating produced from steel with increased resistance to acid; the coating covers bottom and side surface. Volume – according to client needs. Equipment consists of following parts:
  • charge temperature sensor
  • filling level sensor, max/min.
  • pressure sensor, filling or ultrasonic
  • frame stirrer, with shoulders or a propeller
  • adapted for washing in closed washing system CIP
  • a hatch
  • four regulated legs.
  • Our proposal includes tanks for whey acidity reduction produced by us designed for mounting in equipment for condensation of sour whey and production of whey powder.


Boilers for production of curd and cheese

Closely cooperating with various dairying companies we expand our offers by adding products for milk processing companies. One of the advanced technology products which we‘ve introduced into production is designed for production of curd and cheese in a closed system. Milk coagulation and curd or whey processing process in boilers is automated.


General characteristics of boilers used in creamery processes:

  • operational tank volume adapted to client needs
  • heated water coating, stitched
  • thermal insulation, from mineral wool
  • a milk tank consisting of two laminated tanks with a conical bottom, in cross-section – figure of eight or circle
  • charge mixing and cutting using two interconnected stirrers, with smooth rotation regulation (construction of stirrers is specially developed for certain application – processing of curd or cheese mass)
  • electronic measurement of charge temperature
  • separation of whey with a floater (in whey boiler) or through an outlet (in curd boiler)
  • washing in closed system CIP
  • supporting construction for boiler installation, gravitation drift of stiff mass into presses to be possible
  • internal boiler illumination
  • upper hatch DN450

Auxiliary boiler equipment:

  • water heating equipment with a heat exchanger JAD-X, with smooth temperature regulation; designed for milk warming-up in a boiler (automatic controller controls warming of processed charge up to determined temperature, thus overheating is impossible),
  • a tank for separation of proteins from whey

pumps for repumping of stiff mass and separation of whey.