Ms. Aniceta Jaloveckaitė Owner / Director of company

Company „JAASTRA-WAM“ offers wide range of technological equipment for food industry, as well as the experience necessary in resolving of production tasks. The company will prepare a commercial offer to you, which will let you at minimum cost to purchase, install and start up an equipment of the highest quality, which will work for years. Close cooperation with manufacturers of the equipment allow us to manage projects from very beginning until the accomplishment.

1. Technological equipment (capacities, tanks, vessels) for processing, maturing and storage food products such as: milk, beer, wine, water, beverages, strong drinks, concentrates, oil, fat, mash, curd, cheese, sour cream, chocolate mass, yogurt, mayonnaise.

2. Brewing sectors, capacities for fermentation and maturation, CKT; stations for yeast preparation and propagation, capacities for beer storage, buffer tanks, CIP stations, silo tanks. Automatic control of a whole process as well as different parts of the process.

3. Transportation tanks (for lorry of any type) and semitrailers of various profiles for food products such as milk, juice water, wine materials, etc.

4. Boilers for curd, chocolate mass, yogurt, mayonnaise.

5. Automatic and mechanical CIP stations for cleaning and disinfection of technological equipment and piping.

Our customers’ confidence and the highest level of quality of our technological equipment lets us grow fast, achieve high and stable positions in the market.

Our company mobilizes efforts to improve the quality of services in order to an opportunity of our customers to choose the highest quality, feeling of assurance and a warranty of highest-level services.