Announced 'Gazelles' of 2017 (

Our company is pleased with the fact that we won 513th place of 3935 companies. Understanding the importance of fast and secure solutions to our business, we will strive to continue to maintain a steady pace!

More strict requirements

3935 companies made the final list. The companies had to go through a more detailed selection, as not only the previous criteria were slightly changed, but new ones also appeared.

One of the key changes in choosing the fastest growing companies is a shorter period, during which it is measured how much revenue has grown. Previously, the change was compared over the course of 4 years, this year it is analyzed change during 3 years. This solution allows more realistically assess the company's growth. So, for the "Gazelle 2017", was made the comparison of revenue in 2014. and 2016 that had to rise by at least 20% during that period.

Another key change is a clearer definition of what a small and medium-sized enterprise is. Now it is considered to be a company with annual turnover of 100,000 Euros to 3,000,000 Euros. So, such turnover of companies that are claiming to become "Gazelle 2017" should have been in 2014.

Set clear levels of debt to public authorities, which, in addition, creates a barrier preventing access to the list of fastest growing companies. It was established that the company does not participate in the project if in 2016 the debt for "Sodra" exceeded 1,000 Eur, and for the State Tax Inspectorate (STI) - 10,000 Eur.

The latter institution has helped to assess whether companies pay taxes in a regular way.

Other qualitative criteria for rejection have become even more significant this year: courts, recoveries, arrests, etc. The same as before, publicity remains important - how much the company wants itself to talk publicly about its activities and share experiences. Because only those heads of companies who have nothing to hide and who are willing to share solutions that bring success or tell about the mistakes they have learned themselves from, are real business leaders.

As well as previous years, this year, some companies that have reached the top of the list will not receive the main prizes - this was mostly due to the reluctance to share experiences.

Upon assessment of all criteria, more than one third of companies were rejected.