The company received the name STRONGEST LEADERS IN LITHUANIA 2016.

The information could be found at websites, publication ‘Enterprise Lithuania‘ DB of exporters, in the daily „Verslo žinios“ from 21.12.2016.
We maintain the image of a reliable partner, and we emphasize our competitive advantage within Lithuania as well as abroad. We gained the geographical uniqueness in the special Google map. Active usage of the e-version increased the company's visibility on the Internet.

The most important evaluation criteria for certification was a high credit rating, which is maintained for at least 5 years. It shows little predictable statistical probability of default for 90 days or more during the next 12 months. Creditworthiness of the companies is evaluated and the rating is determined by the credit history (financial obligations and payments history), financial results and their changes (revenue, profits, liquidity, equity capital and others.), business links, asset arrests, sector status and other information.